• Group Training and Counseling

    Group Training and Counseling

    Training is offered to small manageable groups determined by nature of tasks to be undertaken.

  • Loss and Grief

    Loss and Grief

    Psychosocial support helps the griever to accept death as something normal in life, to go through grieving process, and to accept the challenges and opportunities accompanied by it.

  • Autism


    Early involvement of the child's family with therapist is very important. Research has reported great improvement of autism symptoms with intensive behavioral intervention at an early age.

  • Slum Communities Welfare Programme

    Slum Communities Welfare Programme

    St. Jude believes that psychosocial services should be accessed by all.

  • Ageing


    St. Jude offers avenues of reclaiming or recreating meaningful relationships among the elderly with their relatives, close neighbors and/or other members in the elderly homes by training on simple and basic social skills in relationships

  • Family Issues

    Family Issues

    St. Jude feels affected by the threats surrounding family life and endeavors holistic psychosocial support in its struggle to overcome the challenges and transcend in its vocation

Psychosocial Services Demystified

Psychosocial issues know no borders. They affect all people regardless of their social status and other attributes. But we are held back by various inhibitions.

Those in the upper social class are socialized to think they do not psychosocial services while in deed they require them most given the complex and diverse environment that face them. On the other hand, the less endowed are excluded by lack of awareness and cost limitations. Human diseases and conditions associated with genetic make-up, attitude, social conditions and influence as well as lifestyle have reached unprecedented levels especially among the affluent class.

Investment in holistic health and wellness is today receiving enormous attention as more and more people realize the resultant benefits. St. Jude Psychosocial Services endeavors to empower clients to transcend life limitations that derail them from the active process of becoming aware of the wellness of body, mind and soul and making choices towards a more successful existence.